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 Florence is a small town in north Alabama that is known for its relationship with history and the Tennessee River.  There are many historic places to visit in this city.  In Florence, there are many opportunities to connect with the community and participate in city wide events.  The city of Florence has tried to preserve the historic and vintage elements of this city.

Along with the historic elements, the city is an adventurers paradise. There are a lot of difference ways for tourists and those that call Florence home to connect with nature.  The city have also tried to preserve these natural, earthy areas of Florence.  

 With the influence of historic and natural elements Small Town Pride will be placed close to the historic downtown area directly off Court Street, as well as close to the Tennessee River.  It will combine historic elements and natural elements, both things that are apart of Florence. Small Town Pride will be a place where the community can meet and connect with each other. It will be a warm welcoming place that combines historic elements, as well as earthy elements to relate to the Florence community.


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Fall 2017

Location: Huntsville, AL